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 When you book an Alaska fishing trip with us, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professional, US Coast Guard licensed skippers, with full insurance. Your safety is assured, and we’re among the best in the business at placing you where the fish are! Between us, we’ve over 65 years combined experience in fishing Alaskan waters. Contact us to Book Your sportfishing charter trips today!

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We have high-speed Wi-Fi available so you can share your photos of big fish with your loved ones.  Laundry facilities are available upon request.

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When you think King Salmon, Alaska is the first location most people visualize. Imagining enormous halibut? Alaska comes up first for most anglers. The fishing is unlike anywhere else on earth and you could find yourself releasing fish up there that would be regarded as wall-hangers anywhere else. Accessing Alaska waters is relatively easy these days.  It is affordable and it only takes a few hours to get here from anywhere in the US.  A fishing trip to Alaska is one that most angler’s budgets can accommodate.

Regardless of whether you’ve never fished before, or if you are a serious fisherman in need of a break, we can give you the experience of a lifetime. No matter what your interest; Halibut fishing trips or King Salmon charter fishing, we’ve got it covered! Anyone planning a fishing trip to Alaska usually has the two species in mind: King salmon and Halibut.

There are five species of salmon in Alaskan waters, ranging from pan-size to around 90 pounds, while halibut can weigh up to 400 pounds. On top of that experience, you can usually get your catch home too! Like most charter companies, we offer filleting, freezing packing and shipping included in our daily rates. Our charters are usually open ocean on Sitka Sound, but you won’t need to bring your own equipment as we provide all the tackle and coaching required for a fantastic trip.

Alaska fishing guide services excel in three main areas;

  1. minimizing the logistics.
  2. reducing the time it takes to catch a fish.
  3. ensuring you get to take your catch home in perfect condition.

If it’s your dream to experience an Alaskan fishing trip,  in the middle of nowhere, consider flying in to Sitka and booking a multi-day trip with us. This gets you beyond the reach of roads and most other anglers. You may even experience the thrill of sharing the water with whales, or see a wild bear on the shoreline, or see many, many eagles.

Our guides will help you make all the right choices, then deliver the perfect trip that makes your Alaskan fishing dream a truly memorable experience.

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