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Halibut sport fishing charters, Sitka, Alaska – Southeast Alaska is the source for some of the world’s finest halibut fishing. Averaging 25 to 50 lbs, and they can reach up to 400 lbs! S.E Alaska Outdoor Adventures have been delivering fantastic halibut fishing experiences out of Sitka for many years. (Note that we also offer King Salmon fishing charters) Our captains and crews are extremely experienced in fishing local waters, they know when and where to find the best halibut. Our fish processing facility ensures that you get to take your fish home in perfect condition, so you can share your catch with family and friends.

Our Sitka fishing lodge accommodation can be a part of your sport fishing vacation package with SE Alaska Outdoors Adventures. Our kitchen is open to those who like to cook for themselves, and our BBQ is great for that fresh-caught piece of fish! We also have several good restaurants nearby, we offer transportation, and there is delivery available by most eateries in Sitka.

Halibut Fishing Charters – Sitka, S.E. Alaska

Halibut offer exciting fishing action – it’s quite a thrill to feel a huge flattie try to pull the rod out of your hands! We use first class rods and reels for these big brutes but catch them on salmon tackle also. The halibut frequent the same areas as the salmon and its common to catch a limit of both on the same day!

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How to Catch Halibut

When targeting Halibut, the preferred bait is herring, salmon heads and guts, octopus, cod and crab. Once placed on the hook, you then throw the hook, line and sinker over the side of the boat and open up the fishing reel’s bail arm, allowing the sinker weight to fall down to the ocean floor. Once the sinker hits bottom, you close the bail and wait patiently! Every l30 seconds or so, you pull on the line to lift the sinker, and then and let it fall back down on the sea floor. Feeding Halibut are attracted by scent and the bounce of the sinker and bait will disperse both scent and vibrations out in all directions, helping to attract a big Halibut to the food source on the hook.

Halibut are bottom feeders, which is why you must drop the baited hook to the sea floor. They also inhabit deep waters at around 250 feet deep, preferring rocky locations with ledges and cavities to live in / on. We have years of experience at studying marine charts, and recording prime fishing waypoints on a GPS. This means our skippers have no trouble locating those ‘prime halibut locations. That’s why a professional local Sitka charter boat captain, with a GPS’ loaded with his favorite halibut spots, is your best bet for a successful halibut fishing experience.

A Favourite Halibut Recipe: https://thestayathomechef.com/grilled-halibut/

Ling Cod

Ling cod are an added bonus, and they’re among the finest eating fish found anywhere!

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