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King Salmon feed all year round in the abundant waters of Sitka Sound but the King salmon fishing charters action is greatest from May through September. Sitka is home port to Alaska’s best saltwater King Salmon fishing. Fish average 25-35 lbs, and can reach 70 lbs. or more.

The record for this area is 90.1 lbs from Kelp Bay. Trolling, mooching and jigging are the methods used to hook these magnificent game fish. It’s not uncommon to hook up two at a time. Four or five on at once can happen and it’s unbelievable excitement. Come experience our great King Salmon fishing yourself!

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Fishing for King Salmon in Alaska

As mentioned above, Alaskan King Salmon caught in the Sitka region average around 25 to 30 pounds; with larger fish up to 70 pounds. It all starts with biological urge of the King Salmon to return to the original river from which they came. After leaving their home stream, Kings spend 1 to 7 years out in the ocean feeding and growing big and strong. Then, Mother Nature’s biological clock kicks in, compelling salmon to return to their original stream. On entry into freshwater, this is when the salmon start to die. Females are heading home for one reason only – to spawn! After dropping the thousands of eggs which she is carrying back to the stream,  the male King Salmon will fertilize these eggs and the cycle will start all over again.

King salmon usually start to show up in Sitka waters in May, in preparation for their inland spawning runs. The skippers and crews at South East Alaska Outdoor Adventures start fishing charters in May, and Kings can be caught through until September in most years.  Book now to reserve your spot!

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