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Mike and Shelly,

Moochas gracias for the wonderful time that my brother and I spent with you last week. It was Nick’s first time to Alaska and salmon fishing, and he told me that it was an unforgettable experience, especially spending nine hours on a boat withthe “twisted” Paul. Please extend to the entire staff how much all of us appreciated the professionalism and your patented attention to detail. We’re looking forward to coming back next year.

Thanks again,


PS, my son Ross wants to know how many times Billy puked.


Just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your outstanding service on our recent trip. Thank you for letting Tyler be a part of the trip, it was a special trip for him. All your staff are very supportive and helpful.

Great job! We look forward to next year.

Greg Elderkin


I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely fantastic trip. I have never fished in my life, and could not have enjoyed the trip more. You run a totally first class operation and I can not wait until next year when you will see me again.

Even though I am exhausted, bruised, and sore, I really don’t care because I  had such a good time.

Thanks again!

Peter Huysing(part of the Ogata group)


All of us are still reveling about the trip we had with you this summer. That is the best fishing any of us ever had, and it will keep us thinking about fishing until next summer.

Next year we would like again to schedule again for mid-July…any time from the 10th to the 15/16.  We did like the three day trip and would hope you could again accommodate us for this time frame.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip.   Will look forward to hear from you.


Hi Shelley,
“Thanks again for a wonderful week. Everything was great as usual. If you don’t know it, the guys think the time spent under your care, as well as Mike’s, is first class. No doubt about it!! You have a great crew. The airline saw fit to let our 3rd box of fish miss the plane so we had to wait a couple of hours to pick it up. My fish had been out of the freezer for 12 hours before I got it home and it was still frozen. Good job!Now about Mike’s birthday; looking at the calendar I realized that it will occur after we have left which is completely unsatisfactory. It seems to me that he will have to reach 40 just a couple of days earlier so we may share in the festivities. Next year, we will arrive on the 2nd and leave on the morning of the 7th. With your agreement I think we should have a party on the 6th complete with bells and whistles. How about it?Thanks for a wonderful time again,”Al Cavaletto
Dear Shelly and Mike,
“Thank you so much for taking good care of me on my recent trip to Sitka. Thank you again for the great recipes. We are enjoying the fish. It is always nice to stay at your lovely house.”Bob Faine
“Thanks for a great fishing week. It was outstanding. Also, Mike, thanks for letting us share your “B” day with you. The steak, BBQ salmon and the halibut enchiladas were something to die for. As always it was a wonderful week and I really enjoyed spending time with both of you. Love you guys.”
Dear Shelley and Mike,

There are not enough kind words in the dictionary to express my appreciation and gratitude for the time we had in Alaska.The trip delivered at every level- camaraderie, hospitality, fishing, whale watching, you name it.We can’t believe we’ve waited this long to experience such a thing. Thanks to the entire team for the effort on our behalf. The level of professionalism and teamwork was at its highest. I was handing out your business cards by the time I got to the airport.

We look forward to coming back,  and plan to bring new friends along. Take care, and give our regards, to the entire team.


Steve Penny