Good news for everyone except the bean counters of these two competing airlines! Delta Airlines has announced new service to Sitka this summer, so the war has begun! The fares have never been lower! If you have not yet purchased your tickets, you may actually be happy you waited. If you are thinking about booking a fishing adventure with us this summer, the time could not be better! More affordable air fare means the trip is now possible! We do have some open dates in June, July and August. Not many, but we want to let all the fence sitters to know that NOW IS THE TIME! We also have some one boat open dates for all of you cruise ship passengers. We take extra good care of you, keep your processed fish in our freezer til you get home, then have it shipped for you, at your cost. No cruise excursion will do that for you!


With fares from Seattle to Sitka as low as $102 each way, how can you stay home? Believe me, we have never seen fares this low. Many other cities are enjoying the best prices as well. Check out or to see what these two airlines are doing to prices!

So if you are flexible with your dates, email us for open boat dates, we will let you know what we have and get you on the calendar!

See you soon!


Nice, Dave!