The city of Sitka and the assembly has voted and agreed upon a sales tax cap increase to begin with sales in October of this year. We have always been fortunate to enjoy a lenient sales tax in Sitka. It’s capped so the entire cost of any sale only pays tax on the first $1500.00. Well, now it’s $3000.00. What this means for most of our clients is an increase of approximately $30 in sales tax AND another invoice from my accountant. So 6% of all sales, up to $3000.00 is the new rate. As most of our trips do not exceed that cap, you are now going to pay 6% of the charter trip rate. Mike and I are not happy that the city chose to implement this in the middle of our charter season, since most of you have already budgeted for this trip. Our apologies. You can expect an additional invoice from our accountant for this amount if your trip is from October 1 thru end of season.